Frequently asked questions

A moody self portrait artist based in Romania who enjoys taking photos on film and visually explore things whilst trying to find his own way.

Always been drawn to it, especially since analogue has a specific vibe that makes things feel more natural and there was this need to go with the vibe and I’m still with it. 

Self exploratory, but wouldn’t stop just there yet. Going on a journey to abstract, to conceptual, to urban. Wouldn’t want to check just a box and stay in it.

That’s more than fine. Nude isn’t for everyone and I’m not the one to blame others for not being comfortable with it. But I don’t do explicit nude. Showing skin, yes, but barely there’s anyone completely naked. 

Sure. Excited to try and discover new things since we can learn from each other. Just go to contact and leave me a message.

I am, yes. Just go to contact and leave me a message.

Oh, hell nah.